There is a great mystery behind the word “Matrix”; many of us want to know the actual definition of that concept. We wonder if that’s real or just fiction in a movie. Well, the truth behind the matrix has been hidden from the crowd. Society’s controllers do not want you to know the real concept and the functioning of the matrix.

A very fair definition of the matrix could be: it is the magnetic field or field that contains a lot of information fed and sustained by the thoughts, energies, vibrations, ideas, occurrences, feelings, moods of all those who exist now or existed in the past. It is a historical memory etched in the atmosphere or the collective consciousness surrounding the cosmos. Its energy produces a lot of resistance when you want to transcend it. That happens because 99% of the information recorded in the matrix is ​​negative or distorted energy to keep us under fear and bondage. The ancient name of the Matrix is ​​Satan, devil, which means “resistance” or opposition in the Hebrew language.

Now that you have a thought-provoking concept about it, you can conclude how you will reverse the negative effect of being connected to this low-vibration source. Note that only one substance permeates and permeates the entire universe, and the matrix is the distortion of that perfect and amazing substance. Also, remember that this substance is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed but rearranged. So the solution is not to fight the matrix but to transcend it. In my book Vibrations: Transcending the Matrix, you can find more information about this secret concept; also, I touch on the topic in my blogs and talks.


VIBRATIONAL ESSENCE: Transcending The Matrix

There are many theories, studies, analyzes, scientific deductions about thoughts and the effects they cause in our lives and cosmos; however, none of them have 100% asserted their functions and sources. There is an endless amount of materials and information on many deductions in thought studies, although some are contradictory compared to individuals’ actual lives.


Welcome to the future!

Like any other universal law, the law of attraction and the most common, the law of gravity, are immutable principles that The Living Eternal created to help us cope in this beautiful Universe.

Think for a moment what life was like in the 19th century. For example; The plane was a crazy and stupid dream that was impossible to build according to people of that age. Why? Because according to the limited minds of that time, the law of gravity would not allow a heavy object to remain in the air.

The Eternal Living revealed the vision on the plane to a man who believed that this could happen. The blueprint in this man’s mind, who thought unlimitedly, was enough to build and go against all critical opposition.

His urge to externalize what he was observing inside successfully proved that we could harmonize with the law of gravity. Because of that mind so wise and unlimited, today we can enjoy airplanes.

The same example happens with millions of things through the advancement of civilization, such as cars, trains, telephones, cameras, the Internet, and more. Why am I talking about the law of gravity? Because the same principle applies to the law of attraction.

Knowing how to be in harmony with this universal principle is important to get all the benefits and make it work for you effortlessly. To master the law of attraction, you must first know its purpose, how it works, and more.

Knowledge added to practice will give you the power and, ultimately, Mastery of the Law of Attraction.

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