You may have read many books on the law of attraction, manifestations, the power of visualization, affirmations, controlling positive feelings, and more. My question is, and I would like you to be honest with yourself: Are you reaping the fantastic fruits of those teachings and techniques? Did you materialize the life you had been dreaming of? Are you getting all the wonderful things that those books promised? Or are you still struggling, striving, and searching for more answers?

If your answer to the last question is yes and you are still searching for a solution to your life, wondering why you are in this world or not living in greatness as you are supposed to be, this is the right book for you.

The explanations and techniques in this book will probably seem very simple and easy to you, but let me tell you that ultimately, this is the only way to succeed and transcend the Matrix, negativity, lack, and any other limitations. You will witness surprising changes and manifestations in your life as you read these pages, but I will ask you for a bit of dedication and time with the practices proposed in this humble text.

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There are millions of books on thoughts, mind control, power to set your intentions, etc.; the fundamental question is, is all that information accurate? Are you getting excellent and fast results with any of these techniques? Do any of those techniques fit your specific situation? Or are you still looking for an answer? I’m pretty sure your response to my last question is YES. If you are still looking for a solution to your life, I am here to tell you the truth about thoughts, mind, and ultimately the power of Vibrations to Transcend The Matrix and align effortlessly to your unique life. With this transcendent text on Ancient Wisdom, you will unlock the physical and mental abundance, which is your birthright.

Get yourself on a vibe of gratitude, love, trust, and strength, and watch how things turn around fast. In this book, I will talk about how you can go beyond the Matrix and fine-tune your vibrations with the Universe; take control of your mind, present, and future. We have a better life in front of us, and it’s time to take possession of it.

Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

Most people have heard the terms Universe, Law of Attraction, quantum field, vortex, and vibrations. These are definitions of the same ancient teaching called the Matrix. In Vibrations by Q Rigal, you will discover what the Matrix is and how you can use it to bring goodness into your life, control negative thought patterns, retrace where your damaging beliefs originated from, and then make the necessary changes for a major impact on your life. Discover how we are unconsciously manifesting negative circumstances and how we can increase our frequency, which in turn will change our thoughts and feelings so we can manifest our desired goals. By using the techniques and exercises you can finally take control of your unconscious mind to ensure a positive present and future. Learn how you can change your mindset so the natural Laws of the Universe can begin to work in your favor.

Vibrations by Q Rigal is an absolute must-read if you are interested in self-awareness and the unconscious mind. I loved how the author explained why it is not good enough just to think positively, but also live as if we already have what we desire. I also found the comments that the Matrix has unconsciously reprogrammed us through education, media, and our social environment to feel fear, guilt, and sadness very interesting. Positive thoughts plus feeling will accelerate our manifestations was so inspiring. The entire content of the book is extremely optimistic; to know that you have always had the power to make positive changes in your life. If you appreciate the teachings of Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, and Lester Levison, then you are going to gain a great deal of knowledge and skills from this amazing guide. The chapter on conscious reprogramming was absolutely compelling and the exercises at the end so simple but so effective to make beneficial changes in our lives. This was my absolute favorite quote from the book: ‘You don’t need to do anything but feel as if you already have it. The Creator receives from you the rearrangement of your mind and immediately orders the entire Universe to move all the pieces, people, places, and whatever are necessary for accomplishing your desires.’ An incredible book and one that I would highly recommend.”

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