Mastery of the Law of Attraction Episode Two

In the previous episode, I explained that the law of attraction is the most beautiful and powerful principle: the purpose for which the Eternal created it was to maintain harmony and order in the world. I also referred to the fact that everything is interconnected through this law, the Cosmos, nature, the animal kingdom, and,Continue reading “Mastery of the Law of Attraction Episode Two”

Mastery of The Law of Attraction, The Perfect Freedom! Episode One

Welcome to the future! Like any other universal law, the law of attraction and the most common, the law of gravity, are immutable principles that The Living Eternal created to help us cope in this beautiful Universe. Think for a moment what life was like in the 19th century. For example; The plane was aContinue reading “Mastery of The Law of Attraction, The Perfect Freedom! Episode One”

Mastery The Law of Attraction, The Perfect Freedom.

After reading a self-improvement book, most people read a book; if the book is good, they admire the reading, and after that, they forget everything they read. Maybe 5% of the readers practice the techniques instructed in those books, but honestly, only a tiny part obtain real positive results. Sadly, after that, an intense sensationContinue reading “Mastery The Law of Attraction, The Perfect Freedom.”