The Master Key to Unlock Universal Prosperity

Get yourself on a Vibe of Gratitude, Love, Trust, Prosperity, and Strength, and watch how things turn around fast. In this planner, write the exact amount of money desired you want to manifest during 2022. Take this practice like a game and relax about the outcome; as soon as you release all fears and worries about money, the manifestation will come effortlessly.

During the day, silently and happily rehearse your new self-image with your money amount desired already fulfilled, catch that mood, and expand that amazing sensation! Like that, you vibrate with your money amount desired and in agreement with The Creator and The Universe, Mastering the Law of Attraction.

This is no ordinary planner; it is a useful tool for practicing manifestation daily and pushing your deepest desires out of your mind until you can effortlessly see their tangible expressions. Make a small investment in yourself, act now, and live the best version of Yourself.

You have the Power; It's All Inside of You!


Published by Q. Rigal