Law of Attraction

Master it And Get A Perfect Freedom! Episode Two

In the previous episode, I explained that the law of attraction is the most beautiful and powerful principle: the purpose for which the Eternal created it was to maintain harmony and order in the world.

I also referred to the fact that everything is interconnected through this law, the Cosmos, nature, the animal kingdom, and, finally, everything animate and inanimate. The links that connect one thing to another are the invisible threads of vibrations.

I mentioned vibrations are the wires connecting or disconnecting you in an ocean of different energies, high or low. The vibrations are generated by the feelings, emotions, and moods caused by your reaction to thoughts.

I explained negative thoughts produce negative feelings, emotions, moods that generate low and dense vibrations; these low vibrations connect your invisible wires to similar or equal vibrations that in turn connect them to the same frequencies, which gives you more and more of the same in significant quantities.

 At the close of that last episode, episode one, I told you we have a fast and fair solution at all times, thanks to The Creator.

 This solution is a change or rearrangement of the vibrations. An inner change will send the signal to the Universe, separating you from the losing streak, and you will attract new people, new events, and in short, all the perfect solutions without effort.

 That perfect and effortless solution is what I call the Vibrational Essence, which is the feeling you feel when connected to the Source, the Creator, and you are absent of negative thoughts, fears, and worries.

When you reach that connection with the Divine Source, you don’t have to look for a solution for every part of your life because that connection gives you a holistic solution for everything at once.

It is as Jesus said to Martha, Lazarus’s sister: “Only ONE THING is necessary.” That ONLY THING that is necessary is your alignment with the Vibrational Essence, the fastest and most powerful vibration in the Universe. The only feeling of the Creator and could be described as bliss, ecstasy, prayer in the spirit, etc. The bottom line is that this feeling is the zero point at infinity, where only peace, stillness, joy, and greatness are felt.

Please do not confuse the feeling of peace due to resignation, which is the combination of a sense of loss and defeat; And in the end, it’s a low-vibration sensation.

I’m talking about the high vibration feeling of calm, stillness, inner peace because you know the Creator will fulfill your wishes. Those incredible sensations align you with the vibrational essence because you trust the wisest and most powerful being in the Universe.

You feel a sense of peace that exceeds any explanation because it is combined with the feeling of victory, triumph, and glory.

Even though complete stillness seems to have no action involved, it is the most powerful energy that moves the entire Universe fast and effortlessly. Stillness is the nature of the Universe; look how everything is so harmonious in the Cosmos, the animal kingdom, the vegetation, the rivers, the oceans, nothing strives or struggles to be; everything is a demonstration of peace, stillness, perfection, and organization carried out by the Creator.

When you can achieve this inner state in your mind and feelings, you will be on the throne of your kingdom, and the entire Universe will serve you. That is the mastery of the law of attraction or the law of attraction that effortlessly benefits you.

Now you ask yourself, How will I get to that Vibrational Essence?

Well, the solution will continue in my third episode of Mastering the Law of Attraction.

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