Law of Attraction

Master it And Get A Perfect Freedom! Episode One

Welcome to the future!

Like any other universal law, the law of attraction and the most common, the law of gravity, are immutable principles that The Living Eternal created to help us cope in this beautiful Universe.

Think for a moment what life was like in the 19th century. For example; The plane was a crazy and stupid dream that was impossible to build according to people of that age. Why? Because according to the limited minds of that time, the law of gravity would not allow a heavy object to remain in the air.

The Eternal Living revealed the vision on the plane to a man who believed that this could happen. The blueprint in this man’s mind, who thought unlimitedly, was enough to build and go against all critical opposition.

His urge to externalize what he was observing inside successfully proved that we could harmonize with the law of gravity. Because of that mind so wise and unlimited, today we can enjoy airplanes.

The same example happens with millions of things through the advancement of civilization, such as cars, trains, telephones, cameras, the Internet, and more. Why am I talking about the law of gravity? Because the same principle applies to the law of attraction.

Knowing how to be in harmony with this universal principle is important to get all the benefits and make it work for you effortlessly. To master the law of attraction, you must first know its purpose, how it works, and more.

Knowledge added to practice will give you the power and, ultimately, Mastery of the Law of Attraction.

The law of attraction is the most beautiful and powerful principle: the purpose for which The Eternal Living created it is to maintain harmony and order in the universe, including this planet. Everything is interconnected through this law, the Cosmos, nature, the animal kingdom, and, finally, everything animate and inanimate.

The links that connect one thing to the other are the invisible wires of vibrations. That is why vibrations are crucial; I wrote my first book called Vibrations Transcending the Matrix because you must know how vibrations operate to succeed in this life journey.

Vibrations are the wires that connect or disconnect you in an ocean of different energies/frequencies, both high and low. The feelings, emotions, and moods caused by your reactions to the thoughts generated the vibrations.

Negative thoughts produce negative feelings, emotions, moods that generate low and dense vibrations. These low vibrations connect your invisible wires to similar or equal vibrations that connect you to the same frequencies around the cosmos and give you more and more of the same in significant quantities.

Pretty impressive, right? Imagine why when someone is in a “losing streak,” they are attracting more and more of the same, believing that they have bad luck or that “God” is against them for this or that, when the reality is that their negative vibrations have trapped them.

Thanks to The Living Eternal, we have a fast and easy solution available at all times. This solution is a change or rearrangement of the vibrations; the work comprises disconnecting the invisible wires from the negative vibrations and connecting them to the higher ones. Consequently, the inner change will send the signal to the Universe, separating you from the “bad streak” and beginning the process of attracting new people, new events, and all the perfect solution without effort.

Now you must be wondering, how will I get the immediate change of vibrations? Well, you will find the solution in my second episode of Mastering the Law of Attraction.

 Stay tuned with, your informative podcast to Transcend The Matrix.

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