Law of Attraction Book

Master it and Get A Perfect Freedom.

After reading a self-improvement book, most people read a book; if the book is good, they admire the reading, and after that, they forget everything they read. Maybe 5% of the readers practice the techniques instructed in those books, but honestly, only a tiny part obtain real positive results. Sadly, after that, an intense sensation for more or a feeling like; Must be something more remains. Of course, that missing pieces exist. It is just a matter of discovering that inside of Yourself, and the rest is victory and Power. 

In my essay or book, Vibrations: Transcending The Matrix, I touch on subjects as; the law of attraction, gratitude, thought control and mind control, self-improvement, and finally, the Power of mastering your mindset. A mental diet is vital for our success, and that is one of my main focuses. I expect that my book caused a real change to the reader, especially to his subconscious level. My wish is that you could apply all the teachings and techniques stated in my book while you are reading it. Only like that, you will notice a real change in your inner self and your surroundings. That is all about my book, transcending the Matrix. My book is a  practical one. Vibrations: Transcending The Matrix, available on and

Published by Q. Rigal


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