New Book by Q. Rigal, Coming Soon.

There are many theories, studies, analyzes, scientific deductions about thoughts and the effects they cause in our lives and cosmos; however, none of them have 100% asserted their functions and sources. There is an endless amount of materials and information on many deductions in thought studies, although some are contradictory compared to individuals’ actual lives.

Why do we practice almost all of these theories and get little or no results? And in most cases, we end up mentally tired? In this practical book, I will dive deep into the most hidden secret of all time, the authentic sources of thoughts, their functions, and how to immediately take advantage of this powerful knowledge to transcend the matrix, negativity, limitations, and immediately take advantage of the beautiful life that The Creator pre-programmed for us. I recommend the reader compare these astonishing revelations with his real-life and see the truth for himself. Humanity is ready to receive this unveiled truth.

I am here to tell you the truth about thoughts, mind, and ultimately the power of a single ESSENCE, the Vibrational Essence. The only feeling that will take you out of this Matrix, you will transcend the Matrix, the limiting and negative, and you will take immediate control over your life and your environment. You deserve the truth and the success, and this is how I presented here, no filter. I will not hide any fragments of this information, as The Creator wants me to tell you what He wants so that I will pass the message on. I am sure that you are ready to receive this great wisdom and immediately take advantage of it. It is time for you to live the life of your dreams.

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