Vibration Transcending The Matrix Book’s Reviewed By J Mondragon Author of Universal Consciousness Series.

Consciousness Series Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution Spiritually Realized and Mindfulness: Water’s Evolution Understanding Form (Book 2) Available at or

Q Rigal has got it! For some reason, the most Awakened Beings have the hardest time relating their truth to us. This is not easy, but I feel Q Rigal has definitely touched Source and is relating his great experience. In Vibrations, Transcending The Matrix , Q Rigal takes us on a fast-paced journey towards expanding our consciousness. The Matrix is viewed much like the structured existence we all move along in without the slightest concepts of conscious growth. Knowing little of the power we possess as Conscious Beings cohabitating in a physical realm.

There are many nuggets in this read. Learning how to detach yourself from your emotions and falling into the Matrix, to realizing how to transform a positive body image of yourself by accepting the consciousness you wield in how it’s formed. There are Breathing Techniques, many ways to keep you on the Conscious Path, and so much knowledge packed into this book.

The book feels very receptive to those of us that resonate in truth; it is a great short read that will be reread again and again. It was more Q Rigal’s positive energy that beamed throughout the book and made me ever interested to continue. I’m excited to see future works!

Vibrations: Transcending The Matrix available at,, and iTunes.

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