VIBRATIONS – Transcending The Matrix Raising Vibrations

I am almost sure that you have heard words like; Energy, Universe, vibrations, Law of Attraction, Quantum Field, Waves, etc. Well, all those are modern definitions of the same ancient Wisdom. But It’s okay. We are in new times, using new concepts, new “thoughts.” But, let me tell you that nothing is new, only new definitions and new names of the same Things, same Energy, Same Force of Life. The most important thing is not the name or the description; it is how we will use it and take advantage of that to obtain excellent results. In my practical book, I will talk about how we can go beyond the Matrix; as I said, Transcend the Matrix and take control of your mind, present, and future. We have a better life in front of us, and It’s time to take possession of it.  

In my book or essay, Vibrations, Transcending The Matrix, I will touch on subjects as; the law of attraction, gratitude, thought control and mind control, self-improvement, and finally, the Power of mastering your mindset. A mental diet is vital for our success, and that is one of my main focuses. I expect that my book caused a real change to the reader, especially to his subconscious level. My wish is that you apply all the teachings and techniques stated at the same time you are reading my book. Only like that, you will notice a real change in your inner Self and your surroundings. Vibrations; Transcending The Matrix, available on and

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