Conscious Discipline

Choosing Intentional Positive Thoughts and Feelings to Raise Your Vibrations

What you fear may show up more, what you resist, persists. If you want to fine-tune your vibration, change your own thoughts and feelings. Get yourself on a vibe of gratitude, love, trust, and faith, and watch how things turn around. If you choose to keep your dial set to resentment, bitterness, and anger, you’ll get experiences that resonate with that vibration. Probably you are thinking now, “I know, everybody said the same.” But there is something that I will tell you that will make the difference. 

Plenty of thoughts come in and out of our heads each day. We get to choose which ones stay and which ones go. The key is that as soon as you can recognize which one comes from the matrix, “the dark collective conscious:, you can immediately ignore and accept only the one that comes from The Creator. When you choose thoughts of abundance, prosperity, and gratitude, your vibration and energy align with your Creator’s thoughts. That is an indicator that you are One with The Creator, the Perfection. 

Have you ever focused on manifesting something to show up, and it completely backfired or, worse yet, it manifested in someone else’s life? Is there such a thing as wrongful manifestation?

Well, This happens because you have been entertaining for a long time the negativity, Consciously or unconsciously. As soon as you rearrange your mind and align it with The Creator, give it time to the past “wrong creations” because you already requested it to the Universe. Do not involve any feelings when those “bad” things happen. Be happy because as faster that happens as faster the new positive creations will show up. The key is to persist in the positive thoughts and high vibrations because any interruption takes you back to the old negative mindset. Let the negative pass that is part of the rearrangement and give it welcome to the new creations. I talk more about it and recommended some techniques in my book VIBRATIONS Transcending The Matrix.  You can have it on Amazon Kindle or Amazon Paperback. 

Published by Q. Rigal


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